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DIY Patio Lights for Less Than $5

Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Centerpieces, Outdoor Lights, Portfolio |

DIY Patio Lights for Less Than $5
  • SumoMe

I saw these DIY patio patio lights on Pinterest and really liked them.  So I decided to put my own spin on them.  The great thing is that all of the components cost less than $5.  No water beads this time, but I thought I’d share my creation with you.

What you’ll need

Colored Glass Beads – Found at the Dollar Store for, you guessed it, $1 for each bag of colored glass.

One Quart Jar – Found at Walmart for $3.69. ) Emma Jar with glass lid. (But I bet I could have find it for less)

Outdoor solar light – Found at Wal-Mart for $1.97 it was the simplest one, not a fancier decorative one.

Frosted Glass Finish Spray Paint by Krylon – this cost $5 but you only need a little bit and you can save it for later

Glue –  Glass & Bead Adhesive from Michaels

How to make my DIY patio lights “Sun Jars”

DIY patterned lights with beads

homemade patio lights

  1. Remove or open the jar lid. Do not spray the lid.
  2. Using Krylon Frosted Glass spray the inside of the jar using 2 light coats of spray.
  3. It was easy to twist the plastic stake and plastic covering off the solar light. The part that is left has the solar cell and light. Save the plastic covering and put it back on after the orange tag is removed. It gives a lovely design. Mine was a perfect fit for the lid. I glued it to the lid.
  4. The fun part is decorating the sides of the jar. I used 3 different colors for my designs. I kept it simple. Glue the glass beads on using the Glass & Bead Adhesive (Aleene’s) It is nice and tacky, but I found I needed to wait at least 30 minutes before I turned the jar and did another side.
  5. Place outside in the sun so it can charge during the day. It will be beautiful and glow after the sun goes down. You can also bring them into the house to lighten up a dark room.
patio table lights

The orange tag protects the battery. Pull to remove it when are ready to use










Here’s how they look when finished:

patio lights diysmall lightsglowing lamp for patiosun jar

Oops!!  I discovered that on the first jar I painted I sprayed it more than recommended and on the outside of the jar. Some of the glass beads have come off. I also used a glue gun. I would now recommend you spray the inside of the jar or lightly sand the outside to give it a frosted look and also use an adhesive made for glass.

glass adhesive mistake

Use a glass adhesive not a glue gun

water beads lights