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Lucky Bamboo Water Beads Vase

Posted by on Jul 9, 2011 in Portfolio |

Lucky Bamboo Water Beads Vase
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Lucky bamboo’s legend is that it brings good luck. That makes it a lovely hostess gift, house warming gift or a lovely addition to your own home. It grows best in low light and out of direct sunshine. Lucky bamboo works great with water beads. Keep the water beads hydrated.

This lucky bamboo water beads vase makes a lovely favor for wedding guest. Use a small glass vase using water beads the color that matches your theme. Tie a ribbon and bow around it and each guest can take a living memento of your happy day.

Lucky bamboo can be found in the garden sections of stores and for larger quantities there are many internet sites.

  1. Choose the color or colors you want to use in your vase. If your lucky bamboo is tall, pick a vase that is sturdy so it does not tip over. Soak the water beads in a bowl with 3-5 cups of water depending on the size of your vase and how many water beads are needed.
  2. Place about 2 inches of hydrated beads in your vase. Wash the dirt, rocks or sand off of the roots of your plant. Place the plant into the vase.
  3. Now fill your vase with the water beads. Use one color or a layer of various colors to compliment your decor. Add additional water to let your lucky bamboo get off to a good start. Continue to add water as needed.
  4. A small vase was added with water beads and a candle. A lovely accent to any room.
water beads vase for bamboo