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Wedding Centerpieces, Vases and More With Water Beads and Water Gel Crystals!!

How to Store Water Beads

  • SumoMe

What to do with your water beads when the party is over:

storing water beads

To keep water beads fresh add water when needed. If you are growing Lucky Bamboo or have fresh flowers make sure their roots are covered with water until you are finished with them.

If the beads get cloudy remove them and wash them off in a large strainer or colander.  I use both. One inside the other. The beads are very bouncy.


Dispose of them wisely. Do not flush them down your drain. Mix them into the soil of your outdoor plants or houseplants.

To dry the water beads out. You can lay them out and let them dry. Lay them on a flat tray or pan. It takes a while (a long time) until they are dried. Then store them in zip lock bags. They can be rehydrated when you want to use them again.

Store them for your next project. I use inexpensive plastic containers like Glad, Ziploc or Rubbermaid. This is my favorite way of storing them at this time. I do not know their longevity yet. I will keep you posted.