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All About LED Submersible Lights for Your Water Bead Designs

Posted by on Jul 16, 2011 in Tips and Info |

All About LED Submersible Lights for Your Water Bead Designs
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Submersible LED Lights add sparkle or color to your lovely arrangements.  By adding a clear LED light to a small glass vase with clear water beads it adds beauty and elegance to your table. Adding a colored light will enhance your color scheme for the special event. Weddings, baby showers and other events are perfect times to add lights to your center pieces. In the evening when the light is low, these lights add romance and atmosphere.

Where to Use Submersible Lights?

For arrangements using colored water beads in the glass vase with fresh or silk flowers, adding a submersible light or two adds to the attractiveness of the arrangement. They can also be used in clear plastic vases, water buckets and other interesting shapes.

Many Varieties

Submersible lights come in many varieties. They can be turned on and off. Some you twist to turn on others have a button on the top or bottom. They come in many colors. Some stay on, some blink or flicker others change colors.

Tips for Using Your LED Submersible Lights

Don’t forget to order submersible replacement batteries. Read on the package to see what their longevity is. Submersible lights last 16-20 hours when lite continually on one color. When using as combination setting they may last 4-6 hours. Others are said to last longer.

Placing your submersible light or lights into your arrangement is easier if your vase or bowl is shallow or if you are only using one color of water beads. When the lights are put into a taller vase and removed and replaced several times the various colors will mix into each other. In many cases this will add to the beauty of the arrangement. Mixing colors look great.