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Wedding Centerpieces, Vases and More With Water Beads and Water Gel Crystals!!

Beautiful Water Beads for Vases with an Underwater Flower

Posted by on Jul 30, 2011 in Centerpieces, Portfolio, Videos |

Beautiful Water Beads for Vases with an Underwater Flower
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Looking for a unique design using water beads?  Try out this beautiful underwater flower centerpiece using water beads!

It’s easy to make:

Find a Vase for your Water Beads Centerpiece

A clear, simple vase works very nicely for this project.  Here, I found a great oval, wide-mouth vase for only $1.00 at the Dollar Store.  It’s a great alternative to some of the more higher-priced crafts stores.

Find the Perfect Flower

You can actually us a fresh-cut flower for this–I found this beautiful flower in my garden.  But, if it’s out-of-season, you can always buy an artificial flower that will last forever in your new creation.

water gel crystal vases

Vase with underwater flowerWater Beads

Use large, clear water beads to make it appear your flower is floating in the middle of the vase.  You can buy these on or from the link below. Just place the hydrated water bead crystals to the height you’d like the flower to rest.  Add your flower then gently add additional water beads to surround it.

Then, Just add Water

The final step is to add water to your vase.  You can fill it to the top to create the effect that the flower is underwater.  The water beads themselves hold it in place.  Make sure the flower is facing outward so that you can get the best view of it.